23 October 2006

Scoliosis Seminar Weekend 2

We had another fun, busy, draining, and incredibly brain-filling scoliosis seminar this past weekend. There was more hands-on than in previous seminars which kept doctors and students much more intrigued. I always learn something new at these seminars, no matter how many times I've heard the material. And, I realize how much info I've forgotten since the previous seminar. It makes so much more sense to be able to apply the info real-time now that I can use it on patients.

The workshop is Saturday, November 18th. It'll be a summary of all the great info we've learned thus far, and tons of hands-on with adjusting, case study application, and rehab. Learning at the seminars is great fun, coordinating equipment and other seminar stuff is a lot of work, and I think Kristin & I are pretty much ready for a break from that job. It's been a great learning experience: coordinating an international seminar, but we're ready to relax and just attend seminars from here on out!
Jeff, Katie, Dr Tim, Jason, Michelle, & Karson at Karson's favorite eatery: Buffalo Wild Wings
Dr Dennis, Clayton, & Kristin rounding out the table at Wild Wings
Karson got picked-on by Dr Dennis the entire weekend. It was great! Here, Karson was asked to represent an exercise ball for a lumbo-dorsal exercise. Dr. Dennis demonstrates the exercise for the seminar participants.
Geometry teachers have got to be jealous at the incredibly cool and larger than life protractor we now have to use for x-ray line analysis on the projector screen. Michelle props it up for a human-protractor size ratio comparison.
Karson demonstrates the posterior L5 exercise while Dr Dennis accentuates his cervical lordosis. He quipped that Karson looked like a "Best in Show Dog". Poor Karson!! Glad there's another Asian who now gets picked on instead of me!
This doctor experiences the effects of the Vibe Traction (4.5 MHz) on her rib hump while she's weighted down with 5 lbs. anteriorly on her ribs.

Willie does proprioceptive neuromuscular re-education on the Vibe and still manages to smile for the camera.
We laid down tightrope faster than you could blink. We had 2 lines of tightrope for participants to try with eyes open, eyes closed, head & hip weighting, and special eyeglasses.
Katie shows off headweights and the supercool eyeglasses. Eat your heart out Josh!!

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