31 October 2006

10th Q Clinic Week 5

Last week, I was literally RUNNING down the halls from appointment to appointment and trying to stay on time. I was still getting a handle of how long certain patients take for their various appointments, and I also had a TON of paperwork for new patient exams, re-exams, radiology, and case management plans. But, somehow, I'm almost caught up. I was even thankful for the couple of appointment cancellations I had, which gave me more time to catch up where I was already behind!

So, this week, I've been able to smoothly transition from one appointment to the next . . . I still go all day almost non-stop, but I've eliminated the hallway running. Instead, I've even managed to get in a couple of running workouts which I hadn't been able to properly balance in previous weeks. Besides household chores, running and eating lunch were sacrificed so I could keep up with everything else. I like it so much better to be accustomed to the schedule.

I should be completely caught up with paperwork by next week, until the next batch of new patient exams occurs! But, if I only average 1 new patient a week, I think I can keep up. More than that and it snowballs, it seems.

I still manage several complicated cases that keep me buried in the books (that's for when I get home from clinic after 8pm. . . then, I research information related to the cases . . . forget sleep and family time, when I'm in clinic crunch time!) It was rewarding to hear a several of my patients respond so positively to their care in the past few weeks. Since last week, I've received 3 new patient referrals from either faculty doctors or patients. I've also had several of my patients respond extremely well to the care protocols that the faculty clinicians and I have chosen to implement. It's so awesome for the patients to get results, and for me to see the improvements in their well-being, posture, function, etc. This is such a rewarding profession . . . when done the right way!

Now, that I'm getting caught up in clinic, I'm going to make more time for my #1: Steve. We had such a relaxing weekend together, and I hope for many more in the near future! Tonight, we're cruising ahead with more of Season 1 of House, M.D.



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