27 October 2006

I (miraculously) passed boards!!!

After going through the toughest weekend of my life (for reasons other than boards), I was slightly concerned that I would have to re-take a section or re-take the Physiotherapy test. Thank goodness I passed all the sections and PT. HUGE relief.

There's such a difference between my class and the younger classes. I remember we pretty much were super stressed about checking our boards scores for Part I. But, when I showed up for class this morning, most of my classmates didn't even know scores were up. Meanwhile, I ran into several students in the class 2 quarters behind us who were skipping and high-fiving in the hall because they'd passed. Their whole class was pinging about scores for the past month. We did have 1 funny moment. In the middle of lecture this morning, Andrew shouted very loudly, then apologized because he had just learned he'd passed boards. Then, he ran from the back of the lecture hall to the front, and across the hall. We all laughed and applauded him.

Part I, II, & PT down, only have Parts III & IV remaining before I graduate.

To celebrate this immense milestone in our academic careers, we will be having a triple-date fondue party with Michelle & Bryan, and Kristin & Chris. I love fondue, and I love these gals, so we're gonna have a fun evening. Can't wait!



Blogger MMM said...

congrats on the boards... i was happy too i dont have to retake anything :) yeah it was part I for me and ofcourse everyone is talking about it yesterday... im sure next time no one will be running to the laptop to check it out...

28 October, 2006 10:18  

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