17 October 2006

Clinic = Classroom

What day is it? I forget every 10 minutes. I love being in the clinic, but the very dynamic schedule keeps me on my toes. I'mconstantly checking my planner so that I don't miss appointments with patients, deadlines for projects, and any other things that seem to pop up last minute. Today, I drove back and forth between the clinic, home, academic buildings at least 3 times. I also cooked dinner during my lunch break...but I didn't have enough time to eat lunch. I also didn't have time to come home for dinner between my activator technique exam and my last patient of the evening, so sweetheart Steve brought me dinner at the clinic (chicken cacciatore that had been cooking in the crock pot all day!)

I've been blessed with numerous transfer and new patients in the past couple of weeks. I don't know how field doctors manage 100-200 patient visits a day, because I'm barely hanging on with 10-15 per week! I know it's unrealistic with the Palmer clinic's endless paperwork, but there are still a lot of cases to juggle in my brain. I know in the field, I can have a C.A. who does the rehab on a patient prior to the adjustment, so I can see more than 1 patient in a 30-60 minute period. In the field, I also won't have mountains of redundant paperwork for each patient file.

But, this is yet another "classroom" experience, albeit more of a practical learning environment, but still 80% unrealistic. I'll take from it what I can and learn as much as possible. I love having the opportunity to care for some amazing people. I'm learning more from them than I have from most of my professors.



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