11 July 2006

Asia Trip Report: Part 2

Our team on the Great Wall
We loved the Beijing Acrobatics Troupe. I sat next to a young performer's mom who said her daughter toured with the troupe last year in Las Vegas.
Modern Beijing sports bicycle rickshaws
We were invited to a traditional tea shop. Sampling teas is very similar to wine tasting. Smell the teapot lid, let the water steep for a short period of time for a fresh batch of leaves, then dump out the first fill of water. The next fill of water is ready for consumption. The green tea tasted so fresh and wonderful! We loved the organic green tea, but hwa cha was our favorite (flower tea / Jasmine tea).The Chinese translation for chiropractic clinic. We were invited to visit Dr. Dong's clinic in Beijing. He's doing incredible work to bring chiropractic to China; he trains medical doctors in the chiropractic principle and how to do x-ray line analysis and adjustment techniques. After the tour, he took us to a fantastic lunch of traditional Beijing fare. Kristin and I had a tough time eating shrimp with the shells still on--that definitely takes practice.
Kristin, Steve & I with Dr. Anli Dong
The adjusting room of the Beijing Chiropractic Clinic
I found a really large football outside of the Olympic football stadium
Me & Steve on the Chong Chung (Great Wall)
Photographer and his camel on the Great Wall
Tien An Men Square and countdown to the Olympics in front of the national library
Building inside gardens and Steve's cranium
Inside the palace gardens
Foreigners taking a rest at palace doors
Inside the Forbidden City
Boy flying kites in the Imperial Palace grounds
Boy and his bike
Josh & Kristin practicing mandarin in the back of a taxi cab. Josh is trying to say "Hi. Do you speak English? I am an American."
The guys in front of Mao Ze Dong's mausoleum in Tien An Men.
Entrance to the Forbidden City viewed from Tien An Men Square



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