15 June 2006


It's official. I've completed 2 years of chiropractic school, and I'm now entering my 3rd year. I'm also in 9th quarter--the magical transition quarter when we become eligible to adjust student patients in the campus health center. Finally, we get to do what we came to chiropractic school to do.

Finals week has been like a vacation. All of my exams were pretty straightforward and didn't require grueling effort (like I had to put in for the rest of the quarter). I spent plenty of time working out and procrastinating. The FIRST thing I did after my last exam today was a sprint workout with Katie B on the soccer fields.

1 x lap around 3 fields for warm-up run
6 x build-ups
2 x high knees and butt kicks
1 x grapevines
1 x skips with swinging arms
1 x plyometrics with standing broad jump and vertical jumps
1 x suicide


Blogger The Running Blogfather said...

How great that is. And even better for your lucky friends and family!

My cousin recently graduated as a physio-therapist and her fiance' is in his final bit of chiropractic school.

My body is going to love them and the discounted family rates. ;)

15 June, 2006 16:15  

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