09 June 2006

Heat on the Beach

3rd day of radiology final exam review during lecture. Then, Katie-squared and I set out to the beach for a long run. The entire workout spanned 1.5 hours:
- long slow run for ~30 minutes
- interval training / speed work on the way back until we were too exhausted and dehydrated to keep running
- then we alternated stretching and walking, lots & lots of walking
- Katie M(2) did more long, slow, distance since she's used to running for 1.5-2 hours straight. Katie B(1) and I did more sprinting and walking on the way back. I started dreaming about smoothies, ice water, ice cold showers, shaved ice, and Katie told me to shut up. We were so parched we were getting a little carried away.

Our Care passive rehab exam was a BREEZE. 100%, no problem. Then, Katie 2 and I put in a few hours of radiology study, while engulfing chocolate--perfect combo, makes the studying bearable. I've fought the urge for a nap all afternoon--a much-needed nap. I just want some blazing, cold A/C, and ice cold drinks. But, no, room temp, filtered tap water, and a slightly cool apartment is all I get. I'd better get used to it, we're soon traveling to East Asia where air conditioners are a rare luxury, and the temperatures are fairly comparable to the hot and humid Florida summers.

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