11 June 2006

books & running

Last night, Katie M(2) & I treated ourselves to a visit to Barnes & Noble. It was a well deserved break after all the hours we'd poured into radiology study over the past week. We delighted over the tables of summer reading and school reading books. I love the 50th anniversary covers of some of my favorites! I armed myself with a pile of things to look through: X-Men comics summary, American Scholar journal, O, Martha Stewart's mag, a movie magazine, a random running mag, and Triathlete (since I couldn't find a swimmer's mag anywhere). We didn't even get to the store until after 8pm, and I had ambitious hopes of perusing through that entire stack AND start on some article writing for the Triune.

I ended up reading through the movie mag, both sports mags, and halfway through Marilynne Robinson's article on liberalism and Christianity in The American Scholar--an article I definitely want to finish! Katie and I started discussing local races and running tips, and we're seriously considering running the the Disney 1/2 marathon in January. I know registration fills up FAST, so we'll have to be all over that once it's open. I'm investigating 1/2 training plans, but I'm looking for a 3 month training plan. Our treat didn't end with just a visit to B&N, we also savored a raspberry-filled dark chocolate Godiva bar. Katie sipped on tea and I tried a tall blackberry green tea frapuccino. Yum!



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