06 June 2006

Killer sprints with Katie

in the heat of the day . . .

warm-up run to the soccer fields
sprint field length x 5
high knees / butt kicks x 2
grapevines x 2
lunges / side lunges / squats x 1
Total field work = 10 lengths
cool down run back home

Sunday, I started a new routine. In addition to my twice a day spinal exercises and head-weighting protocols, I'm doing an overall core strengthening routine twice a day:
10 x push-ups
10 x dips
10 x pull-ups
10 x squats with 12kg
I KNOW my traps & rhomboids are less likely to go into spasm and be achy if I strengthen my core through those specific exercises. I also KNOW that if I do too many reps at once, I'll overdo it and I'll have acute muscle spasm and I won't want to continue with the routine. So, I'm starting out with small numbers. I'll add 2-5 more reps next week.



Blogger Dolly said...

Katie said she feels famous that she's been mentioned on the blog lately. that cracks me up!

11 June, 2006 13:02  

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