01 June 2006

I need a motivation adjustment

MUST. . . get . . . motivation to study . . . go to class . . . anything! Memorial day weekend spoiled me. I got a glimpse of how wonderful it is to have a few days off from any work, and I'm ruined this week. Sleeping in way too late to do 50% of my morning routine (forget rehab or make-up, I just need to brush my teeth, eat breakfast, and run out the door to class!).

Only 14 days left until summer break. I have so much extra time in the evenings, but instead of being productive and studying, I end up taking naps or talking on the phone. I really don't give a lick about studying this week, but I have to finish out this quarter. I have no idea how I kept the schedule that I did earlier in the quarter. How on EARTH did i do 32 hours of class, 20 hours of studying, 2 clubs, work, and attend a seminar or elective every weekend. The very thought of that just wears me out.

I feel like a battery that's been drained low. I got a slight recharge on the weekend, but it takes less energy to keep letting the battery run down then to find a second wind and tear it up for the next 2 weeks.

Next quarter, I don't want to schedule ANYTHING on my weekends. The very thought of taking another weekend elective is very unappealing. Get through school and pass Part II boards in September. . . must do it, everything else is just gravy.

Did I mention I have another elective course this weekend? Class all day on Sat and until 7:30 on Friday is not my idea of fun. Not even close. I'd much rather play on the beach with my friends.


Blogger Dan said...

I know what you mean...2 flights at a moment's notice, dealing with idiot studs, proctoring tests, etc...I slept in this morning just because I knew I wouldn't get caught. I'm going to pay for it though, I've got a five miler (that I was supposed to do this morning) and today's WOD all in one long shot. Plus I got my mountain bike fixed, so I can't wait to use it!

02 June, 2006 19:12  

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