03 June 2006


I have a lot to learn before I graduate, and I feel like I'm behind. I go to seminars and electives because I make the time to be focused and to learn as much as possible. I don't study up on those techniques throughout the week because I'm just trying to keep up with class. I love what I'm learning through CLEAR Institute seminars, and I also love what I learned from the SOT elective. I want to be able to combine the two to provide care for patients. At least I attended both seminars with classmates and we want to do work-ups and continue to provide care for one another. That's the only way we can keep the info fresh and not forget it. Repetition is the key.

Although I have much work to do to prepare for finals, I'd much rather watch DVDs on techniques and read books. I definitely want to read and to immerse myself in nutrition and chiropractic, but I also want to read literature and philosophy and other topics I find intriguing. If I had the time, I'd read Aristotle and Plato again since it's been over a decade since I looked at philosophy. I'd also like to read some Annie Dillard just to refresh my senses on some great American writing. But, all that will have to wait until the fall when my schedule becomes magically available: when all things academic cease and I'm immersed in the "clinic world" of curriculum and I can work on patients and read to my heart's content.

Until then, I do the thing I've learned to do well: attack the next nearest deadline, and tread water in the other stuff to stay afloat. 12 days until summer break . . . 12 wretched days!


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