07 June 2006


Last night, Katie M came over to study radiology with me. We were armed with tea, chocolate, and radiology powerpoints. A few hours later, Katie B came over so the 3 of us could do soft tissue work on each other. Me and Katie-squared. I should start referring to them as Katie1 & Katie2.

Today, Katie1 and I did a swim workout at the Y. The water is somewhere between pool blue and green, so they've been shocking it like crazy with chlorine--so much so I can taste it when I breathe underwater. No, I don't purposefully ingest pool water, but on exhalation, I always have my mouth open underwater...and it tastes NASTY.

750 yd workout
2 x 25 butterfly
6 x 50 free
6 x 50 breast
1 x 50 side stroke

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