04 June 2006

Guilt Trip

This comic reminded me of a bobble-head snake that Steve bought me from New Mexico. It's stupid, and ugly, and I hate having it in my house. For some odd reason, Steve loves the darn thing. I tried to hide it a few times, at least so the eye sore wasn't in such an obvious place in our living room. He couldn't believe I tried to get rid of it, and he got very sad. I threatened to throw it out or donate it, and he threatened to do the same to my colorful clay chicken that I got from Monterrey, Mexico; and, he was mad that I tried to throw away the bobble-head snake. It became a crazy game of hide-and-go seek for the snake and chicken. They're both going in the trash when we move from Florida.Is there even a comparison? Dumb, plastic bobble-head snake with a loopy grin, and a beautifully crafted rooster that would at LEAST cost $40 at Epcot--it was a party favor at a lavish ranch party in Monterry. Yeah, they're both silly, but I think the rooster is way cooler than the snake.


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