29 March 2006

Mix, Fix, Set!

Today flew by. I feel like I've been up here for two weeks with the vast amount of information I've learned--I also feel like the mornings go by in a blink. I can't wait to come back out here in the fall to learn more--there is so much to learn, and grasping it in just a few days is like a teaser.
Carly sports glasses to correct occiput-on-atlas extension, hip weights, and head weights. At least today she's smiling!
Dr. Dennis straps me into the cervical traction device which rips away scar tissue in the spine so that it can heal in the correct position. This bugger of an adjustment tears through my thoracics each time--but I know I'm getting better--feel the burn!
Dr. Dennis notices improvement in Kristin's posture in only 4 days, and took a nasium view--which now shows she has NO lateral translation of her occiput!
Meagen, Dr. Klaes' PT, does muscle stim on Kristin prior to her adjustment (by yours truly)
Carly wobbles in the vibration chair with straps on the convexity of her scoliotic curve to pull her spine into position. Her spine is tractioned vertically with weights. Meanwhile, she enjoys My Big Fat Greek Wedding.Carley is blocked mirror-image to her pelvis listings while lying on the thoracic pump and cervical vibe with a weighted headpiece.For extremity rehab, Dr. Dennis strapped my ever-painful right wrist into a clamp that stabilizes both the radius and ulna. Meanwhile, I stood on the vibrating platform for several minutes. Afterward, he adjusted my wrists and elbow, and I had no carpal tunnel impingment symptoms. Several extremities are easily rehabed through this method.Dr. Dennis & Kristin
Carly's strapped into a harness that keeps her forward head posture back while stabilizing her thoracics. She's also weighted with a hip belt while standing on the vibration platform atop the balance platform. . . while juggling beanbags. No this is NOT a circus audition, but cerebellar retraining.My absolute favorite photo, I just wish it wasn't so washed out. DeJeanne was doing her cervical traction exercises when Dr. Dennis reached around and gave her the biggest, loving hug! This is absolutely my most favorite photo of the week!


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