26 March 2006

Old Friends in New Places

My friends and Longhorn fans, Sharise & Jimmy drove all the way from Appleton MN to visit me in St Cloud. Sharise is pregnant and due in September . . . yay! These brave hurricane Katrina survivors have relocated to Minnesota with what what little remains they could carry from their flood-wrecked home in New Orleans. It was so fun catching up with them and remembering old times and old friends! We checked out the Corner Street Bakery for a little while and sipped beverages . . . then we ventured to Anton's log cabin restaurant for some mouth-watering pan-fried Canadian walleye. What a treat!

Jimmy & Sharise added us to their Netflix friends list so we can mutually recommend movies to each other. I hope to come back to St Cloud again soon so I can visit these dear friends and try more local restaurant gems!


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