26 March 2006

Savoury Sunday

Last night I ran 30 min on the elliptical trainer and then did a fast clip on the dreadmill for a mile. It was just too cold for this gal to run outside. Yup, I'm a wimp. Kristin had an awesome dreadmill run and remarked that she hadn't felt that good running since high school. Her lungs felt free and not choked by wheezing asthma. I wish everyone in the world could experience the freedom of chiropractic and rehab and that amazing things that it can do for the nervous system and all the vital organs of the body--it's amazing!

Today, my friends from the ol' military glory days are driving up to visit. I went to college with Jimmy, and Sharise was my classmate in tech school--I was stationed with both of them in Oklahoma City and Saudi Arabia. I cant' wait to see them!

We attended worship service at First Presbyterian of St Cloud. Gorgeous old building from 1884 with huge oak doors, stained glass windows, and a bell tower. The service seemed very similar to the order of worship at St Andrew's. The kids were adorable for the kids' story hour. And there was a remarkably eloquent young man (junior high) who made an announcement about their upcoming mission and offeratory fund for Easter. Kristin remarked that he's a better speaker than the majority of students at Palmer Florida. We're making taco salads for lunch. For the past 2 nights, we've made salads and chicken with portabello mushies. Very good, especially for cooking in a hotel suite with only 1 seasoning spice!


Anonymous Steve said...

Great post. Hope you enjoyed your Spring Break. Thanks for your feedback on my "you know you're a runner if..." I will credit you in my speech.

26 March, 2006 13:34  

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