03 March 2006

Tea and Company

Tea and studying. A perfect pair.
Katie and I have logged some mega study hours for boards and radiology. Our routine consists of sipping some of the greatest tea on the planet. We savor a different flavor with each study session. And the 6 hours study sessions of course call for a double serving. My personal favorite is Republic of Tea's Pineapple Guava White Tea. It smells so delicious and needs no sweetener, although orange blossom honey does bring out its most striking flavors. Another favorite is the Republic's Wild Berry Plum Green Tea.
Katie brought over the Orange Ginger Mint which is a nice wake-up breakfast type of tea. I couldn't resist when I found Tazo's Passion Fruit tea in the grocery the other day. So, now we rotate between 4 delightful flavors that at least give us some small glimmer of lovliness to anticipate with each compounding study session. Just hope the tea doesn't run out before boards, lest all is lost. Thank goodness I can get Republic's tea at the local Panera. Unfortunately, their variety of decaf is slim. I'll enjoy my favorite flavors while they last.


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