03 March 2006

Old Bread

Today in school I learned about the history of the word pumpernickel. I have no idea how this term came up in lecture, since the only reason I attend my least favorite class this quarter is because this is the only prof that makes attendance mandatory. Absences count against our grade if we miss too often. I was actually trying to study for national boards, but I started paying attention when the prof began discussing word origins. According to the doc, pumpernickel is from German meaning "double farts". Theresa and I decided to look this up on the internet for validation and it actually means "devil or goblin farts". This term referred to the undigestable bread the aristocrats gave to the poor that left them with gastrointestinal upset. Oh the wonderful, valuable education I'm receiving this quarter--hands down--"the best chiropractic school in the world."


Blogger Dan said...

Like flying 11 hours for sim...yea!
Feel the burn!

03 March, 2006 20:08  
Blogger Dolly said...

you equating sim to undigestible bread? ;-)

03 March, 2006 21:02  

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