01 March 2006

I've been so stinking tired ever since this quarter started, but especially after studying for 6 hours yesterday. My brain was fried on x-ray physics. NO MORE kVp, mAs, or tungsten, please!! Test begins at 0730 on Friday morning. If I had to take it now and it was multiple choice, I'd probably do alright. We haven't seen our prof in 2 weeks to be able to ask her questions on test format, number of questions, and what to focus on. Rumor has it that all her exams are essay or fill in the blank---for bloody xray physics!!! If you asked me to regurgitate Bremstrahlung's indicators or Compton effect right now, it wouldn't be very pretty. Prayin' for lenient grading (yeah, right!). Y'all wish me the best because between this BIG FAT test worth 150 points toward my grade, and National Boards (worth my license), my brain is on the edge of becoming a gelatinous mass from overload.

#1 need right now = more sleep (and less studying)

Taking the rest of the night off--I've logged 23 hours of studying in the last 9 days (on top of 40 hours of class). It's going to be a long 3 weeks. Oh stamina, please kick in fast.


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