23 March 2006

FREE, FREE, I'm FREE at last!

Thank God Almighty! Goodbye 7th quarter and HELLO Spring Break! Leaving before 4am to make our 6am flight to Minneapolis. I'll just have to catch up on sleep on the jet--a skill I perfected in the military. I won't have another exam for at least another month, I don't think I'll even know what to do with myself!

St. Cloud Minnesota offers some great relaxation opportunities:
1. cool running trails along the river
2. Barnes & Noble
3. St. Cloud University's 29' indoor rock climbing wall
4. Our hotel's nifty indoor pool and gym

Work in Dr. Woggon's Scoliosis Correction Clinic by day, run the river and curl up with a good book at night. What more R&R does a girl need? I can't wait! I'll be chillin' with 2 other chicas from Palmer Florida--DeJeanne will get treatment for her scoliosis condition, and Kristin and I will do rehab on ourselves and each other and learn so much!

I've really taken to running on the beach. So, I've signed up for the Ray Z Awareness 5k that raises money for melanoma research--the course is an out-and-back along Ormond / Daytona Beach. I haven't yet registered, but I want to run the Run Forrest Easter Beach 4-Miler. It's been at least 2 years since I've run any races, and I'm looking forward to the cameraderie, live music, free food, and of course, the sports massages.


Blogger Dan said...


Out and back? Thought you left those words a long time ago....

24 March, 2006 17:14  

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