22 March 2006

A Day in Seminary

Only 1 final left. Today, I could only miss 2 questions or less to earn an A in that class--and that's exactly what I did. Talk about scraping by. Worst case scenario is that now I'll have 3 As and 1 B--but I have an A in the class for tomorrow's final, and I don't want to lose it. I have a little more buffer than missing 2 questions, but not much.

Meanwhile, Minnesota's warming up to a nice 50 degrees for our arrival. We must be bringing in some Florida warmth for the freezing temperatures to rise so quickly! Looking forward to the St. Cloud running trails along the river--and seeing old friends from college and military. Although my brain will want to relax over spring break, I'm going to have a blast learning about leading edge scoliosis correction in the most prominent clinic in the country--if not the world. When I'm not working in the clinic, I think I'll be running or curled up with a good book. Now, that's what I call relaxation!

I was planning on going to the beach today with my girlfriends. But, when I got home early from my final exam, Steve asked me to join him in Orlando for his 3-hour class with Dr. Richard Pratt. So, I canceled with my friends and joined my best friend with whom I haven't spent significant time in about 6 weeks. I tried to study on the drive up, but I fell asleep--as well as on the ride home. The class was interesting. Dr. Pratt looks much taller in person than he does on the Third Millenium videos. He also has a pretty good sense of humor. I also got to visit with some folks that are friends with Steve whom I haven't seen since last summer. I'm used to multi-tasking in class, so I studied up on some radiology during the lecture. I'm used to sitting in an anonymous sea of faces that surf the internet, chide in to interactive lecture, type notes, check ball scores, or instant message. This seminary crowd was totally different--they were totally focused and zoned in the entire time. . . and they were super interactive. Maybe chiropractic students would be more interactive if we weren't laden with 30+ hours of class each week.


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