20 March 2006

Run the Beach

I woke up this morning thinking I had to take another Board exam. Then, I realized I was done with them. Then, I thought I had slept through my final, but it wasn't for another 4 hours. I finally got out of bed before 7am feeling fairly rested, and I buckled down to study for my exam. I only needed to score a 68% to keep my "A" in the class. At about 0830, I felt super exhausted, and wished I could take the exam early and get it over with, so I could return home to nap. My body is still adjusting from the studying and exam-taking torture over the past 6 weeks.

The final was a snap, and I aced it as well as the class. I was getting ready to leave campus, when the editor of the paper spotted me. I didn't have anywhere to hide from view, and I got roped into doing work, when all I wanted to do was go home and crash. I finally made it home half-passed noon and hustled to get my gear together so I could go to the beach with Katie to "study" for tomorrow's final. When we arrived, our classmates actually were studying. But, it was too gorgeous of a day to keep up that act for long. I rested and relaxed and tried to look through my notes. The beautiful day beckoned, and I went for a nice 30 minute out and back on the sand. Saw 2 dead skates in the conservation area--that was wild! I felt like I could run forever until I had to turn around and run against the seabreeze! That was more of a workout. I sat down for awhile to chat with my classmates after my run, and when I stood up again, my calves had seized into spasmic torture. That barefoot sand running is a serious triceps surae workout!

I never napped today. But, I felt totally rested and relaxed after 4 hours on the beach. Now, I'm cracking down for the night, but not too terribly. I feel like I know most of this material since I studied a ton of it for boards. I'm taking the night easy . . . and looking forward to dipping out of here Friday morning for cold and brisk Minnesota!

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