19 March 2006

Boards are DONE!

The Security Nazi told us to make sure we had our NBCE letters, or we'd get denied entrance into the exam. I had to call Steve to drive to school and drop it off for me. Turns out security nazi was wrong . . . AGAIN . . . and served to be just another pain in the butt boards weekend. This is a picture of Dan before he got the news about the registration letter and waited in the parking lot for his wife to drop off the precious piece of paper that was ultimately, unnecessary. Security Nazi got mad when a few classmates exited an exam while others were still testing--keep in mind you do lose some serious brain function after that test--and poor Roland ran right into a metal trash can in the hallway causing all sorts of racket. His beloved classmates couldn't contain their giggles, and she marched upstairs and threatened to kick them out and not let them finish their last board exam because they were loud and disruptive. Whatever! Same Security Nazi who wouldn't let us go into the building to go to the bathroom before the exams had begun--PUH-LEESE!
On the first day of boards, twins and roommates Dave & Nick decided to color-coordinate all they way down to the sandals. Dave's missing the signature 'fro, but I do love the synchronized swagger. For the amount of administrative fees we shell out for these blasted boards, the NBCE seemed a little under-prepared. The first day, they didn't have enough pencils for us (we weren't allowed to bring in our own). And the second day, they passed out the wrong test booklets for the 4th exam. They were going to make us suck it up and take it anyway, although some students thew a fit, but they got the correct booklets and fixed their error. Altogether it seemed way less organized and sensible compared to the SAT or the MCAT. Aside from having to take parts II, III, and IV before I graduate, I don't plan on taking any more standardized exams in my lifetime. That's assuming I made above the magic 375 passing score on the exam. I'll find out my score on 28 April. Steve looks very confident and stoic in his mug shot above. And, on the right is the beginnings of the gaggle that eventually swelled to 80+ test-takers.



Blogger Jon in Michigan said...

Yea for the exams being done. Nothing I hate more than standardized tests. So how do you think you did?

19 March, 2006 21:12  

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