07 January 2006

What Makes a Leader a Leader

I grabbed this flier from Dr. Sheri Lerner's clinic (Celebration Family Chiropractic) on Thursday. It's got some pretty dead-on character and action descriptions of a successful leader.

A leader is always full of praise first.
A leader is always courteous of everyone at the bottom or the top.
A leader is possessed with her dreams and always is.
A leader launches forth before success is certain.
A leader is not afraid of confrontation. She knows it is necessary for people to grow.
A leader talks about her own mistakes before talking to others about theirs.
A leader is a person of integrity.
A leader is a good name, but she does what is right despite what others may think.
A leader makes others better.
A leader looks for improvement and is quick to point it out.
A leader is genuninely interested in others and sincerely happy about their success.
A leader looks for opportunities to empower others with responsibility and authority, so that they too can become LEADERS.


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