06 January 2006

Cold Snap

Yup. It was cold outside tonight. Even colder after retreating from the pool. All the visiting college swimmers who are training for a month snagged all the lanes. The Y is supposed to always keep 1 lane open for member, but the lifeguard made me peel back heavy tarps across 50m so that I could swim. I got a decent workout just peeling back those stinkin' tarps. I was dehydrated before I even started my workout, so I gulped down a lot of water. But, if I took too long of a break at the wall, my nose started to freeze. Had to keep moving. Sometimes I like the 50yd lanes, but today, it wasn't very much fun. Looking forward to warmer weather, shorter lanes, and better muscular endurance.

Tonight, it'll be 30 degrees. I know you northerners scoff at our Floridian whining, but it's hard to take when we were basking in the 80 degree sun just 2 days ago! That's alright, because it'll be back up in the 70s by next week. I LOVE Florida!


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