09 January 2006

Gray scale

Steve and I were talking about how to tolerate annoying people. He told me that I'm just as annoying to others as they are to me, but I'll never know it because I see things from my perspective. So, the belligerent Type A's who shout at everyone with an opinion differing from their own are annoying in one sense, and people like me that say a list of things that need to get done aloud 50x a day (whether it's to me or to hubby) are equally annoying. Hmmm...makes sense. But, it still doesn't answer my question on how to tolerate or work with such black-and-white personality types. Sometimes I just give myself a little more of a buffer of distance, because those personality types aren't exactly magnetic...unless of course your point of view is aligned with theirs...then it's *high 5's* and "go team" all over the place.

Steve drew yet another parallel between chiropractic and theology yesterday. He said the more someone is hell bent against chiropractic (or pro medicine and surgery), the more liberal about chiropractic I have to be in order to be heard and to appeal to them. In other words, I also have to avoid the polarized viewpoint of chiropractic and medicine depending on who I talk to. However, the more supportive of chiropractic and lifestyle wellness someone tends to be, then the more hardline about chiropractic I can be to them. Steve applies this same principle in talking to others about theology. Overall, I'd say Steve is a pretty diplomatic person who's pretty good at communicating with other people. So, there's a bit of wisdom in his point of view.


Blogger Dan said...

Good point...I remember him talking about theology and the Faith a couple of times in Tactics. It was interesting to watch.

Thanks for the advice about grammar!


09 January, 2006 12:15  

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