09 September 2007

Preceptorship Week 8 of 8

I finished up on the last week of August. What a crazy week. There were 4 out of town patients, and at the end of a week, a doctor came up to train (2 of the patients were his from Texas). It was madness with the schedule and local patients on top of that.

I was so burned out by the end of the preceptorship that I was so glad to be done and to get back to PA to relax. I was able to get some good work on Steve, per post radiographs. I also sat in the scoliosis traction chair for 5 minute sessions a few times to pull on my right side dorsal-upper-dorsal angle. It made my ribs and upper thoracics feel so much better!

I learned a lot during my 8 weeks preceptoring. I saw some interesting cases, and got a better understanding of the flow for rehab and scoliosis correction. I learned how I would do things differently in regard to staff communication and leadership. I learned how to deal with difficult patients, or the difficult parents of patients, and I learned how to better analyze radiographs. I also realized that I most definitely don't want to work that many clinic hours per week. I just don't want to burn both ends of the wick...I'd rather work 20-30 hours a week and be totally focused and energized with my patients during those hours than to give them only 60% of my energy, and have even less left over in the evenings for my family.

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Blogger rudecactus said...

Sounds like a busy week...or 8 weeks!! Rest...relax!

12 September, 2007 13:47  

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