15 August 2007

Preceptorship Weeks 5 & 6 of 8

Last week, I was able to visit a local clinic that's only been open less than 2 years. Dr. Keith gave me lots of awesome pointers on where to find office supplies and clinic equipment for an inexpensive price. Seeing his practice also gave me confidence to know that I can start out from scractch with bare-bones for adjusting equipment, and still make it!

This week, we have several out of town patients here for a week of intensive treatment. I've been busy with exams, report of findings, teaching patients' their home exercise and rehab protocols, running the scoliosis center, and helping out with front desk operations. Also, a doctor from Mississippi is in town training for a week; she's here with a CA and her husband. I've been able to pick her brain and learn about running a high volume practice that includes scoliosis treatment while also being a mom. She's given me a lot of tips and pointers, including adjusting patients much larger than me and still achieving results (thank goodness for Thompson drop tables!). Together, we've been analyzing x-rays and determining the best method for treatment for the respective patients.

The more clinics I visit, the clearer picture I develop on how I want my future practice to look and to run. However, I'm still undecided on whether or not I'll work with insurance plans . . . or at least whether or not I'll work with Medicare. I still don't know how I'll eventually balance being a mom AND a doctor, because I never want my practice to come before my family. I never want my kids to grow up and say that their mom wasn't around enough for them. Somehow, Steve and I will balance raising a family, running a practice, and cultivating our marriage for a lifetime.

Maybe it's for the best that I don't know yet where I'll practice, where we'll plant our roots, and what we're doing after the next 6-8 months. For now, we're focusing on having a baby, meeting our immediate budget needs, and being open to what plans God has for us in the future!

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