26 July 2007

Preceptorship Week 4

The doctor is on vacation this week, therefore, I am, too! I'm visiting other local doctors' clinics, catching up on reading, e-mails, and blogging. I'm also studying and working on a big class project that will also help me develop a more sound business plan for the day when I eventually open my future practice.

A couple of weeks ago, Steve & I attended an Erchonia Laser seminar in Minneapolis. The main instructor was Dr. Dan Murphy. I learned so much, and I really enjoy his teaching style. I could literally listen to him lecture for hours. Steve enjoyed listening to him, too. Now, he's helping me brainstorm ways in which we can integrate nutrition, laser, and possibly ion hydrotherapy into our future clinic. I knew the cold laser was pretty amazing based on the results I saw in the Palmer clinic, but I had no idea it had so many possibilities for healing. We went through the basic protocols for myotome testing in the upper and lower body. What I really enjoyed was learning the cellular reason to it's success--there's a reason we memorized glycolysis other than for national boards! Electron Transport Chain and ATP, that's what cold laser therapy is all about! Anyway, I encourage you to check out one of those seminars when you get a chance. . . and student pricing is 50% off! (Steve got to attend for free since he's not a doctor!)

It's nice to have the week off from the grind. Being pregnant and working 50+ hours per week where I walk 3-4 miles per day in the clinic was really taking a toll on my stamina. I'm to the point where I will just duck out at 11 AM (when the rest of the staff leaves for lunch), come downstairs and take a nap, then head back upstairs by 1pm. Must have the nap. Must get 8-9 hours of sleep per night or I'm crashing and burning by 2pm due to utter exhaustion.

August is going to be just as busy as July, so this is my week to rejuvenate. 1 more month! I can make it, I know it! I take every opportunity possible to put my feet up and to sit while in the clinic. By labor day weekend, I'll be able to head home to PA and just CHILL OUT until this baby is born. That's exactly what I'm looking forward to!


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