26 August 2007

Can't Get Enough Tests!

Steve & I decided we're going to get certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association's (NSCA) as Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialists (CSCS). According to Steve, who was an athletic trainer at the State University of NY - Brockport, CSCS is the gold standard of certification for an athletic trainer or a healthcare professional who's working with athletes or even in a clinical setting.

Steve wants the certification to strengthen his credentials as a fitness instructor and to possibly open the doors for other job opportunities. Let's face it, having a masters in Biblical Studies doesn't necessarily pay the bills. All throughout school, he's encouraged me to get the certification, but the constant study cycle for chiropractic national boards never quite made CSCS cert a priority for me. However, since I hope to one-day hire an athletic trainer as part of my practice, it will help me to have a stronger understanding and appreciation for what they do.

Certification requires being current in First Aid and CPR. Since my CPR certification runs out in October, I have to get recurrent on it (internet studying and a 2 hour class should cover it!). Then, Steve & I have to study for the CSCS exam and schedule to take that at some point in the fall.

I supposed the best time to study is now. I know HOW to study since I just did it intensively for the past 3 years, and most of the exam material is stuff I learned in school: anatomy, physiology, and orthopedic tests. New to me will be info on managing a gym (who cares?! but it's on the test).


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