26 August 2007

Preceptorship Week 7 of 8

Last week we worked with a couple of out of country, intensive care scoliosis patients. Having new patients here for intensive treatment is a lot of work.

Monday: history and exam, full-spine x-rays and analysis, report of findings, demonstrating and teaching patient exercises, 2 rounds of treatment with warm-up (MIX), adjustments (FIX), and rehabilitation (SET) which usually lasts 2-2.5 hours.

Usually, I don't have to start taking photos of the patients until the 2nd day, but that wasn't the case this week. I added it up and taking photos of the patients x-rays, the patients warming up, getting adjusted, and doing rehab adds up to close to 120 photos per patient. So, on average, I take about 240 photos per week, edit & crop photos, and create a 38-40 page personalized report for the patients.

On top of everything going on with that, we were short 1 staff member last week because she was on vacation. Then, on Tuesday afternoon, the other staff member who works with patient rehab wasn't able to come in due to a family emergency. That left 1 person, the intern, ME, doing EVERYTHING: muscle stim on regular patients, setting up 4 scoliosis patients on all the mix and set rehab equipment. Additionally, the doctor was giving me even more stuff to do like review home exercises with a patient. There's only so much 1 person can do in an afternoon to get everyone done by closing time!

I was so thankful for the weekend!!

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