01 May 2007

Seeing Clearly

I first learned about the Bates Method for vision on Dr. Mercola's site. Although the description on his website was a little vague, it seemed like an interesting concept. However, I wasn't going to shell out $380 or even $150 for CDs. Thank goodness for ebay where you can purchase almost anything.

I'm just now listening to the first CD. . . and there's a total of 7 hours worth of information on all 6 CDs. So far, so good. It's a lot like yoga and martial arts relaxation exercises, but the focus is on the eyes. I'll keep posting on how it goes.

My vision isn't horrible to start with. I think my left eye is something like 20/50 and my right eye is 20/30. So, I seldom wear glasses for minor nearsightedness. I use them occasionally to see things that are far away when I'm in a lecture hall. I also notice my vision goes out substantially the more my atlas is subluxated. That's easily corrected with a chiropractic adjustment . . . but it doesn't fix everything 100%.

What I like thus far about the info in the Bates Method is that it was developed by a former opthamologist back in the early 20th century. He spent 40 some years developing it when he noticed that medical students who lost their glasses actually had vision improvements, and he wanted to explore "WHY?".

I'm always a fan of those who go against the grain in pursuit of something better and simpler instead of resorting to the status quo. He was shunned by his profession, but his teaching method and books changed several people and helped them have a better life (much like the work that early chiropractors did!). He even made such a huge impact on Aldus Huxley, that he influenced him to write a book on regaining vision.

You can learn more about Greg Marsh and the CDs and classes he teaches based on the Bates method on his website. Also, check out the cool links on their website to eye charts and other sites with eye strengthening exercises.


Blogger Aaron Courter said...

Just caught up on your blog, and noticed the books on your distractions list...do you have a big announcement or just preparing for the future??

01 May, 2007 23:13  

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