02 April 2007

12th Q Start-Up

I decided to quit logging my workouts. It was getting mundane and lost its fun. I've been enjoying the warmer weather when I go on brisk walks or swims. Still doing light weight lifting, but that's about it. Just enough to keep moving and to keep strong. I do enough running around and heavy weight lifting when working in the clinic!

I'm transferring more and more of my patients, and slowly clearing up my schedule so I can get more essential paperwork completed so I can meet my graduation requirements.

NBCE finally released our test sites for Part IV boards in May: I'm going to Dallas! I'm excited about this because I'll be staying with my folks which means I won't have to worry about adapting to an unfamiliar bed. Steve'll fly down a few days later and hang out. Also, I hope to see some good friends from OKC who'll drive down for a day trip (the day AFTER I complete my exams).

Tomorrow, we start classes again. Not really looking forward to that. I heard we have to complete 8 projects this quarter. Great. In our busiest clinic quarter, 8 projects. Like always, our class perseveres . . . so, we'll get through.

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