27 April 2007

12th Q and 4 weeks to go!

Our class didn't take well to the new clinic syllabus requirements that were dropped last minute. So, we wrote a letter to the clinic and school administration, and it paid off. They allowed us to be grandfathered with the old requirements which are 2 re-exams (NOT recruiting 2 new patients) and 1 primary x-ray credit. However, since we have to send out our films to the campus in Iowa to get read by a radiologist, we don't get the films nor our credits for at least 4 weeks. So, when the question was raised if we'd still get our credits if the films weren't here, the admin decided to drop the primary x-ray credit altogether. That's what happens when they change policy without thinking about how it affects everyone else beneath them. . . and they end up creating more work all around.

So, for now, I'm pretty much done with all my requirements. I'm still earning a few more hours, but I'll be more than covered in that area in 4 more weeks. We still get more things to fill out or turn in every week, so I'm expecting something else to pop up here, shortly.

Monday, we take the clinic exit exam--my last exam EVER at Palmer (I hope, anyway). I look at it as a practice Part IV boards mini-test . . . and that's exactly the way I plan on taking the test. Part IV is merely 3 weeks away, and it'll be so nice to get that over with!

After the very long week (almost 3 weeks straight when you add in board reviews on 2 consecutive weekends), it's really nice to have a little time off this weekend. Although I have to spend a lot of it studying for Monday's exam, at least I can sleep in on Saturday and Sunday past 6 am!!! Won't that be sweet?!


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