07 January 2007

Travel Contingencies

I didn't expect any weather delays in travel since we weren't flying through Denver, but Salt Lake lent its own snow storm. On Thursday, we were on the ground close to 1 hour in Salt Lake awaiting de-icing and a plowed runway so we could take-off. Of course, we ended up missing our connection in Kansas City. As a result, Delta granted us dinner vouchers and drink vouchers. Then, they flew us to Atlanta where they gave us dinner and breakfast vouchers, 2 overnight kits since we'd be without luggage, and they put us up in the Holiday Inn for the night. Steve & I enjoyed prime rib for dinner.

I was able to see my dear friend Lorraine who goes to school at Life University. She joined us for the yummy breakfast buffet, then drove us to the airport. When we arrived in Daytona Beach, our luggage was there to greet us. However, I was exhausted from the extensive travel, and 2 sleepless nights. I didn't rest well in Atlanta since I was still on Pacific time, and the night before we left, we were up until 1 am playing cards with family.

Saturday, Katie & I did a double workout. We'd both eaten junk over the break, and missed running on the beach. So, we did an hour run followed by a 500 yd swim at the Y. It was a great workout, and I felt refreshed and tired afterward.

Back to the clinic Monday afternoon. I have no idea when my patients are scheduled to come in. I have to follow up with the interns who covered, and call all my patients. Monday morning is gonna be me and the phone!


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