20 December 2006


We got in late last night and I'm still adjusting to not getting enough sleep in the past week. The temps are running in the teens out here, but it's still tolerable with the extreme dry weather.
This morning, I woke up to the sound of my uncle driving around a Bobcat on gravel. Forget about the sun waking me up, there's nothing quite like the revving engine of the Bobcat. We also watched a red tail hawk perch on the fish pond, and a wild turkey gawked at her reflection in the sliding glass door of the dining room. There are all sorts of crazy wildlife that hang out around here.
We ended the evening by playing a couple of rounds of international rummy. My family is really into cards and board games for the holidays. I let Steve know he'd get more than his fill out here. Steve plays a board game with me no more than once a year, sometimes it's less frequent than that. As soon as we get a re-charge hook-up for the camera, I'll post some pix of the incredible backyard and the beautiful Washington landscape.



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