09 December 2006


We went to the Strickland outdoor shooting range in Daytona this morning to fire off the hand guns (Sig Sauer P228 & Glock Model 19 ). This was DeJeanne's first experience using a gun, and by the end of the morning, she was hitting the close-range target, and the bulls eye! She had a blast, and she remarked that she felt empowered. I tried shooting with my left hand which turned out to be more accurate than my right--I was consistently hitting the bulls eye. I knew I was ambidexterous in some things, but I never thought to try it with shooting. Go figure.

There weren't a lot of women at the range. In fact, while we were there, DeJeanne & I were the only women actually shooting. There were mostly middle-aged or older men shooting hand guns, but there were a few of 'em firing off rifles. It seemed like there was a familiar group present on Saturday morning who knew each other. We ended up next to a friendly ex-marine who proceeded to do a series of push-ups each time before the line was hot. One of the range employees kept giving Steve tips for hitting his target and lining up his sights.

I liked shooting the Sig more than the Glock because it was a little heavier (it felt simialr to an M-9) and it had less recoil. But I had fairly consistent issues with the empty shells lodging in the chamber between rounds, so I constantly had to adjust the slide to kick out the empty shell. Once we get the Glock worn in a little more, it'll be a little less finicky with the reloaded shells (which don't take too well to new guns).



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