11 December 2006

Happy Birthday, Katie & Congratulations DeJeanne

I had planned to run, vacuum, work on my resume, and maybe run some errands this morning since I didn't have anything scheduled at the clinic until 2:30pm. That all changed when I received a phone call at 0830 from a referred new patient who wanted to come in for care since he was in acute pain. Well, I can't say no to that!

I was still able to get in a quick, and I mean very quick, run. It was a pleasure to do a new patient work-up and adjust him so he could go home with a little relief--if only the paperwork mountain was a little less cumbersome. I couldn't do much more than I did without seeing films and really knowing what's going on. So, we're taking radiographs tomorrow, and I'll get him on a care plan just in time for me to leave for the holidays. Thankfully, Randy is a super awesome intern and he'll provide exceptional care while I'm out of town.

I've actually been getting 4 of my classmates/fellow interns to observe and take over my patients' care plans while I'm taking a 3-week holiday. It works out so perfectly since my patients don't have to go 3 weeks without care, and my super awesome classmates get adjusting credits in the meantime. Everybody wins!

Today is Katie B's birthday. She turned 25! Happy Birthday, Katie. We celebrated at Tropical Smoothie and we also sent off DeJeanne to Minnesota for her preceptorship with Dr. Dennis Woggon in the land of sub-zero temperatures. Well, training with Dr. Dennis is worth putting up with ridiculous weather. She's going to return for graduation in March, and I can't wait to see how much she's going to grow as a doctor!

I'm excited about venturing to Nashville on Thursday. We'll be in Washington next Monday . . . and hitting the slopes by Wednesday at the local Bluewood runs. Steve's taking his last 2 finals tomorrow, so I have kitchen duty & shoulder massage duty. I'm also supposed to help him wake up at o'dark-thirty so he can get an early start hitting the review sheets. I don't have anyone scheduled at the clinic until 0915 . . . so it's going to be a very long day. Maybe I'll go for an early run . . . we'll see.


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