17 December 2006

Nuthin' But Nashville

Last night, we went to Percy Warner park to play frisbee & soccer. There were several locals running, playing la crosse, walking dogs, or riding horses along the trails. Then, we took a turn for spontaneity. Chris was invited to a Christmas party, but he turned down the invites since we were in town and we (actually--I) didn't have party attire. But, I suggested to Chris that if he had some women friends who might let me borrow a dress and shoes, we could make this thing happen. So, Chris called up a sweet gal named Rachel who was so generous to let me borrow a cute little black dress and shoes. This is the first time EVER in my life I've worn a strapless dress. It wasn't as revealing as I thought it would be. I actually kinda liked it. I may have to get one of my own!
Everyone cleaned up sharp and festive for the party. It was fun being anonymous and not knowing ANYONE there. I met several really cool gals, most of whom are in the music business or somehow related to or affiliated with someone else at the party in the music business. We were the atypical crowd: 3 chiropractic students and a seminary student. The question we were constantly asked was "how do you know Chris?". Seemingly, everyone there knew Chris.

I had a cool chat with Abby, sister of Matt (owner of the house and one of the party hosts). Abby is a Physical Therapy student and she and I got into a discussion on scoliosis and different ways to treat it using rehab and adjustments. I also met Rowdy, a really cool gal from Daytona Beach, FL who went to Embry-Riddle (which is just down the road from Palmer FL). We traveled all the way to Nashville and met folks from Florida and Texas. How crazy is that?
Rachel and I had a lot in common: we both lived in Oklahoma, we went to rival schools in the Big XII Conference, we both worked for President Bush (except he knows her by her first name), and we both have affiliations to the Air Force. Rachel's only shortcoming is that she's an Oklahoma Sooner, but I like her anyway.
We went to church this morning with Chris, and we waited for him to catch up with his friends. I started up a conversation with a gal who had a really cool headband. When she realized we were at church with Chris and not fans lagging around to get a brief word with him, we all laughed.

We had a delicious lunch at The Cheesecake Factory, and Steve got me this for my birthday. I'm 29 today. We're having tiramisu cheesecake after dinner tonight! Katie got me a fantastic dark chocolate and ginger organic chocolate bar for my birthday which I decided to save at home for when I return in January.



Blogger rachael said...

be careful, little miss dolly. the big 12 champions are on the prowl! ha!

you're so detailed in your posts and i LOVE it. keep it up. and take me next time you pancake pantry it up.

18 December, 2006 12:05  
Blogger jess and vince said...

Hey, I'm a Sooner too. Just what are you trying to say??

Oh, and happy belated birthday! And Merry Christmas!

23 December, 2006 23:27  

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