09 December 2006

Spectacular Discovery Launch!

We scoped out a good lookout point on the bridge over the Cape on 583 & U.S. 1 on Thursday night. Good thing, because we knew exactly where to park to avoid loop around traffic. We walked up the bridge tonight since the cops were shooing all cars away from parking on the bridge. They were a little annoying with their loud speakers. But, once the launch took place, the cops were silent and they calmed down a little. I think they were enjoying the incredible view, too. It lit up the night sky and it looked as bright as the rising sun. The entire cape lit up in an orangy-light blue which was breathtaking. We watched the smoky contrails and the orange light of the shuttle engines until they became a small speck of white like a night star . . . until the light disappeared completely. Between Katie & Steve, we got a couple of good photos that included the launchpad at ignition. Nothing's quite as spectacular as seeing it live, but here's a launch video on windows media player with audio courtesy of NASA, in case you missed it on the news.

Both photos by Steve on a Canon SD700



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