08 December 2006

Clinic Week 10 Update + Boards

It's that wonderful time again, time to register for national boards. Since I'll take Part III on campus in Port Orange, I'm not too concerned about getting my application in super early, as long as it's on time. Part IV, however, is another story. Since they don't offer Part IV on our campus, I have to pick 4 other campuses in other states where I'd like to test. My top choice is Dallas, primarily so I can stay with family, and I'm somewhat familiar with Parker's clinic and test site. I haven't visited any other campuses besides Parker & PCCF. I have submit my application early so I have a stronger chance of getting my top choice for a test site. So, I did the certified check, notorization, certified mail errend and run-around today. It's done! Now, I just have to register for Part III. Lucky us, we get to take 2 national boards within 2 months of another.

I'm glad I'm ahead on my clinic requirements this quarter, because board review and boards will take up a lot of time next quarter. I set a personal goal to get 100 adjustments this quarter. I thought it was a rather lofty goal, but I wanted to get ahead in case I had future time constraints in clinic. I met that goal last week, and I'm well over half of my clinic requirements in adjusting, radiology, exams, and re-exams! Next quarter, I hope to complete my radiology requirements, and most of the remainder of my adjusting requirements, so that in 12th quarter, I can just get my required routine adjusting rubrics (when we're graded on how we adjust the patient), and I can just keep seeing patients to keep up my skills. Before I graduate, I definitely want to work with some little toddlers or babies, then I can finally apply all the cool stuff I learned in pediatrics club and seminars!

It was so fantastic to not have to take OSCEs or finals this quarter. What a treat! Today, we had to give our final marketing presentation to the class and 2 instructors for our final grade in our business/marketing class. I'm glad that's finally over with. Now, I can just chill and enjoy the weekend. Talk about chill. . . it's exactly that here today. High in the mid 50s. At least it'll crank up to the upper 70s by Sunday. Thank goodness!!

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