04 November 2006

Class 073 Clinic Entrance Party

The Class 073 Council did a fantastic job of planning our Clinic Entrance party at Our Deck Down Under. About 2/3 of our class showed up, which is a pretty good turnout. We invited all the clinic faculty and staff , as well as professors we had on the academic side of campus to celebrate this huge milestone with us. We had chicken picatta, a grilled mild fish, pasta salad, veggies & dip, grilled shrimp, hush puppies, and cheesecake. I was pretty impressed with the food and left feeling full. Afterward, Steve joined me for a 1.5 mile run on one of the windiest days we've had this year. Then, we watched numerous episodes of House, M.D.--Season 2 . It was a perfect evening!

My grainy camera resolution didn't take very good shots, thank goodness there were other classmates doing the papparazzi rounds for the evening. Most of the photos below are courtesy of Katie. Our next big class shin-dig will be our graduation banquet in 10 months.
Me & Steve
Stew, Lindsey, & Jorge (Class 073 Presidente)Dr. J & his wife, Dr. Bill & his friendDr. Raja, us, the Shreeves, & Dr. Bobo
Victor, Ben & Mandy
Dr. & Mrs. Shreeve
Jason & KatieNick & his girlfriend
Will, his partner, & Theresa (Class 073 Secretary)Meredith & Steve (Class 073 Vice-Prez)
J-Pag, Andrew & his girlfriendEd & his fiancee Carly
Drs. Morehouse, Grand, Bobo, & Dr. Canty's daughter
Craig, me, & Dr. He
Alex (Class 073 Treasurer), Rob, & KerenDamron & Alison
The Cayer Clan

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