10 October 2006

Adapting the schedule

Goal: to stick to my half-marathon training schedule so that I'm prepared for the race. After all, how I perform in January is not based on how I train 2 weeks prior, but it's based on the foundation of running I've put in over the past 6 months and especially throughout October & November.

I have YET to do a long run day. It got nixed last week due to the Orlando seminar. I also missed my easy 2 mile day on Monday because of the "fluid clinic schedule". I made up for it today by doing an in-between workout of 4.7 miles. Tomorrow is tempo run or sprint day. I'll get in 7-8 miles on Saturday, and see how I fare.

If I can't stick to the schedule every week, it's not a huge loss, but I still need to log the hours and burn through the speedwork. If I only max out at 10-11 miles in a long run prior to the race, I think I'll still be able to finish the half within the designated time limit. But, I'd still like to run a sub 2:20 in the half.



Blogger Kt said...

hey-- I know at times it's hard to hit the road to run, especially after a long days work or school... but it is so refreshing to get out into into a routine run, witht he sounds of vibrating footsteps on the ground with each beat of the music either on your MP3 player, or in your head. So worth it.. so worth it. Good luck in your training, I'm happy to hear your running a half marathon, and the Disney one at that-- maybe 2008 you can go for the Goofy Award-- I'm sure you've heard of it.. ha ha ha-- Have a blessed day!!

10 October, 2006 23:56  
Blogger Kris said...

Hello! What was your longest run so far? You still have enough time to train...I only hope the weather where you are isn't as horrible as what we have in Michigan. I was just thinking of the importance of a SCHEDULE too, today..lol.

11 October, 2006 15:15  
Blogger Dolly said...

Yes! When I run, I can clear my thoughts and not have to think about all the STUFF I have to do...but just focus on the running or spend time with God. It's so mentally relaxing. And, it's so great to GET IT DONE!

Hi Kris! My longest weekly mileage to date is 7.5 miles...which I used to do weekly up through August. That fell off when September hit due to the rigorous academic schedule. So, I'm working back up to it again. I'll see how far I get on Saturday...I'm shooting for 7-8 miles on my long run!

11 October, 2006 20:15  
Blogger Kris said...

Dolly, thanks for the advice on the back pain. I have used the rolled towel last evening (plus some "bykram yoga" exercises which were recommended to me for back issues too). I have placed it under the mid-section of my back (just under the rib cage). It did relieve the pressure on my spine. I woke up feeling better this morning too. -------------

Sounds like you're back on track with your running. Don't push yourself too hard, since you did have a short break in training...It's really nice how you say you enjoy your runs. I hope I can still get to run outside too-it started snowing today, in Michigan:)

12 October, 2006 10:57  

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