28 September 2006

Why I Don't [usually] Drink Coffee

It's almost 5 am, and I haven't slept at ALL tonight. I thought it was because I was as frigid as an ice cube when I went to bed at midnight. 2 hours later after I'd put on my socks and wrapped a bathtowel around me, I thought it was that I was extra sensitive to my roommate blowing her nose every hour. Now that it's 5am and I can tell that even she with the runny/stuffy nose has had intermittent bouts of zzzzz's, I realize I have had absolutely none. I attribute it to the fact that I went on a warm beverage run to B&N with the gals after 6:30pm on Wed evening.

We'd been freezing all day in the clinic, and especially when we were pelted with sleet or icy rain on our walk home from lunch. Minnesota in fall feels like a Florida winter--and none of us brought warm enough clothes for the week. Anyway, back home, I drink decaf green tea in the mornings. But, I typically avoid it after 4pm. Yet, I gulped down a grande pumpkin-flavored frappucino (I'd forgotten that frappucino was mixed with ICE) when I learned it had less caffeine than the latte. It doesn't matter to my body which is not used to coffee caffeine, and I'm especially sensitive to it. I have no idea how other people can guzzle down mountain dew or a quart of coffee in the morning. I think I'd be so frazzled I'd be like a walking spazz all day. I decided to blog because I can't sleep--why not write? I have a feeling that mid-day on Thursday I'll want to crash out in an incredible nap. But, we push it to the max until 5pm, so not much hope there unless I can snag a nap during our very brief lunch break.

Tuesday was a beautiful day. Dr. Woggon took us out on a pontoon ride on the Mississippi which just happens to flow behind his house. The leaves are turning up here and the grass is still golf-course green. The weather was chilly, but tolerable. His wife prepared a beautiful and delicious meal for us after the boat ride. It was then we learned how mischevious and how much of a prankster Dr. Dennis was to his patients and to his wife: goldfish in the clinic water cooler, a skeleton sitting on the toilet, etc. Now, that takes some elaborate planning.



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