03 September 2006

6 years

We said "I do" 6 years ago, today . . . on a Sunday afternoon in an outdoor chapel in the woods in Pennsylvania. It feels like 6 years has flown by, and it just gets more fun every year going through life with my best friend.
Our anniversary always falls on Labor Day weekend, so we usually take the entire weekend to celebrate. Yesterday, we watched the Georgia vs. Western Kentucky first game of the season with our friends. They made delicious and naughty foods: pigs in a blanket, sausage balls, and peach cobbler! Then, we enjoyed dinner at Stonewood Grill: ahi tuna appetizer, swordfish bruschetta, filet mignon, cesar salad, creamed spinach, and the brie, asparagus, prosciotto salad. Since it was our anniversary, Courtney (classmate and exceptional server) provided us with complimentary desserts: creme brulee cheesecake and key lime pie, which we took to-go. Afterward, we played a round of mini-golf at Pirate's Island and we tied in scores (both of us were 2 below par). We came home for even more pirate fun and watched Pirates of the Carribean: the Curse of the Black Pearl on DVD.

Steve surprised me with mint chocolate chip ice cream from Bruster's. Yes, we ate so much stuff that is both sugary and high in the glycemic index, but it's one of the very few days out of the year when we treat ourselves to our favorite foods. Steve surprised me with some books by a couple of my favorite authors, and he got me some of my favorite tea from the Republic.

Tonight, we're going to the local Barnes & Noble to browse books and to relax. Steve loves his new Jack Johnson CD, and we listened to Bill Cosby's original live recorded album today. Unfortunately, tomorrow is a study day, but I hope Steve & I can find time to enjoy the sunset on the beach.



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happy anniversary!

07 September, 2006 04:10  

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