30 April 2006

Scoliosis Correction Seminar

We had an incredible seminar. My head is still reeling from all the info. I hope I can remember it, process it, and apply it effectively!
Dr. Woggon guest lectures to Palmer students on Friday morning to present an overview of scoliosis and structural biomechanics.
Dr. Woggon checks out Amanda's core muscles for imbalance.
Seminar participants.
Josh Woggon measures cervical extension range of motion on Amanda using Myo-Logic technology.
Dr. Dennis adjusts my 1st rib on a drop piece.
Josh applies muscle stim to Brian's paraspinal muscles.
Dr. Dennis demonstrates the FAST effects of vibration on flexiblity on Dr. He
Dr. J sports the 1/2 eyeglass shields which help correct forward head posture.
Damaris wears the wrist-trac, 1/2 covered glasses, and head weights while standing on top of the Vibe.
DeJeanne demos her new lumbo-pelvic core muscle exercise on the ball.
Amanda tries out the Vibration Traction which helps restore cervical lordosis.

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