26 April 2006


Like every other human on the planet, I have an opinion about many things. Seldom do I completely agree with another person on an issue, husband included. Although, Steve & I tend to agree more often about most topics. I do enjoy the occasional discussion about theoretical, professional, or religious topics. But, I find it hard when another person can be completely polarized on an issue, and that other person is a friend. I think one of my greatest strengths (and sometimes greatest weaknesses) is my ability to develop strong, lasting, and meaningful relationships with other people. I can become concerned if I feel that engaging in a discussion of opposing views may affect that relationship, which may sometimes determine whether or not I broach the same topic with a person in the future. This has happened to me several times over the years, and I've never left a situation without it affecting me somewhat.

Regarding that, I asked my good friend Josh if I come across too strong to other people. To which, he replied, "You can never be too strong. Some people are just too weak to handle who you are." Thanks, Josh!


Blogger Dan said...

Ha! I agree, though sometimes for the sake of that person's weakness we still need to be careful. I never felt intimidated or anything, if that helps. God Bless!

26 April, 2006 21:44  

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