26 April 2006

Friday Countdown

Friday's almost here. Lot of things happening on Friday. National boards scores will be posted by 8am. Every chiropractic student or doctor who took the March exam is going to log on to find out their fate. All I care about is passing, because that's all that matters regarding my score.

I also have my hardest exam for the quarter on Friday morning at 730--radiology. In the past, the average score has been 40%. Again, I just want to pass. If I pass the first exam, I'll be in a good position to pull an A or a B for the quarter.

And, then at 930, Dr. Dennis Woggon is guest lecturing at Palmer for the Scoliosis Mentorship Program. The remainder of the weekend, he's teaching the Scoliosis Correction Seminar in Daytona Beach. He's doing all the work, but the club officer's have been doing a significant amount of planning and coordinating. I personally haven't done much at all, I just delegate everything and I'm totally blown away by the top notch work of the incredible team. They must think I'm the biggest slacker because I just talk on the phone and email, then hand off projects to everyone else.

I'm looking forward to the weekend, especially to be done with the dang exam so I can relax and have fun at the seminar. I think summer's finally arrived in central Florida. It's hot, humid, and the skies are blue.


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