22 April 2006

Rayz Awareness 5k Results

I ran into faculty clinician Dr. Bill Sherrier at the crosswalk to the race pavillion. I didn't think I'd see anyone I knew, and it was a pleasant surprise. It turns out there were 3 other Palmer students racing, and a few others working the Palmer Clinic spinal screenings booth.

At the start, I joined Theresa & Dr. Bill. Theresa was aiming for a sub-26 time. I was just hoping to break 30.

This was a great run. I wasn't nervous. I considered it a fun workout that gave me an excuse to get out on the beach on a Saturday morning to run. The waves were rolling and the view was exquisite. However, I was just trying to dodge people in the first 1/2 mile. I found my comfortable pace and was 9:05 at the 1-mile split, which put me in a good position to meet my goal. I stayed fairly consistent in my pace, but I noticed I started to lag in the second half of the run. But, I kept telling myself to keep up the pace, not to slow down, and that I didn't have much further to go.

Miss Florida 2006 ran next to me or just behind me the entire race. She was wearing an entirely too cute orange spandex outfit, lipstick, and her "Miss Florida" sash. She got a LOT of attention on the race course. I kept telling myself that I cannot slow down and let this girl beat me ;-)

In the last 0.05 mile of the course, I started having dry heaves. My body has incredibly great timing. I stopped twice and hocked a lugie. My stomach kept lurching. Miss Florida passed me just before the chute. I was so embarassed that I couldn't make it to the bloody finish line without stopping when I was so unbelievably close. The race volunteers tried to prop me up in the chute and told me to drink water. Why is it that the past two races (chirogames swim and this 5k), my G.I. has been entirely disagreeable, when every other day of the week, I don't have any such problems? I certainly didn't push it too hard, because I ran a comfortable pace and clocked in at 30:21. Didn't meet my goal, but I was awfully close. If it weren't for the stinking dry heaves. Dang it!

My overall place was 191/404. I placed 7th in the female 25-29 age group. Not bad for someone who hasn't raced in over 3 years! Afterward, I enjoyed Florida citrus, and a free massage. Theresa ended up placing 3rd in her age group, and PCCF student Sandy placed 1st in hers. Go Palmer!



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