23 April 2006

TTWAC Seminar in Orlando

After the race, Kristin & I drove to Orlando for the 1-day TTWAC seminar. The rest of the Palmer students left Port Orange at 7:30am to get there before the 9am start time. We arrived just in time to listen to Dr. Rich Lerner wrap up the morning session with students. . . and then everyone broke for lunch.

The afternoon session was awesome! We listened to Dr. Ben discuss a philosophy and vision behind WHY we should aspire to want to help people through chiropractic. We also listened to doctors present their doctor's reports. . . and we were put on the spot, too! Talk about nerve-racking. But, far better to stumble along in front of colleagues, doctors, and coaches who want you to get better so you can communicate far more effectively to patients. I enjoyed this seminar far more than the big 2-day seminars. It was a smaller, more intimate group, and it seemed like we received more focused training.

After Dr. Ben cranked on Josh's occiput, he kindly posed for a cervical chair palpation pose.Moment in history: Kristin signs up as a Genesis I client of TTWACDr. Ben adjusts Josh's talus. Sometimes being a chiropractor is dirty work.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you TRYING to kill me?

25 April, 2006 18:01  

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